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Welcome to the Graduate Handbook informational site for the Computer Science Department at Loyola University Chicago.

This site is aimed at helping current Graduate School applicants and those who are interested in the Graduate Programs offered by the Computer Science Department at Loyola University Chicago.

If you have questions about the information here, please contact the Graduate Program Director at or at (773) 508-8150.


See the main Computer Science Department web site for general program information and how to apply for admission to our undergraduate and graduate programs, including our professional certificate programs.

Overview of Loyola MS Programs’ Strengths

  • Committed faculty teaching small classes, commonly 15-25 students

  • Many project-based classes with big concepts for all, which students get to develop in their own way in their individual projects, with active individual support from the instructor

  • Flexibility and breadth


About ½ of each program is electives which can vary from business-centric, data-centric, networking, and security, software engineering, to core Computer Science.

Many students come in not knowing exactly what they are most interested in. Students can sample different areas, choose to change the degree program in the middle, and still have all their courses count toward the final degree.

  • Enroll part-time or full-time, and back and forth, as you choose

  • Strong advising/support throughout as students inquire about the program, apply, plan initial courses, and as experience evolves

  • Lots of data on and opportunities for internships and jobs


Internships can count in the academic program. High regard for our program in industry smooths job transition

  • Strong encouragement toward independent study with individual professors in a wide variety of areas

  • Finish full-time in 16 months * Can finish in less time if you can get two courses of transfer credit

  • Opportunity for discipline changes to be accepted and take prerequisites with us on a compressed schedule

  • Options for a mix of face-to-face and online classes


Now the IT degree is available either campus-centric or entirely online

  • International students with insufficient English can get conditional admission combining initial ESL with later MS study

  • Starting in Fall 2019 you can build up to an MS by doing graduate certificates

Look in the courses document for the details of the individual Masters Programs.


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