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Computer Science Department Personnel



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Eric Chan-Tin, PhD

Graduate Program Director

Peter Lars Dordal, PhD

Graduate Program Director

George Thiruvathukal, PhD

Department Chair

Cecilia Murphy

Graduate Program Secretary

Miao Ye

Computer Systems Manager

Marina Hart

Department Secretary

Emily Barman, PhD


Susan Grossman, PhD

Associate Dean

Heather Sevener

Assistant Dean

Graduate Program Director

Regardless of the MS program in which you’re enrolled, your first adviser will be your Graduate Program Director.

The current director for Software Engineering and Computer Science is Dr. Eric Chan-Tin.

The current director for Information Technology is Dr. Peter Lars Dordal.

You are expected to confer with your Graduate Program Director about your initial course of study in pursuit of your degree. You should be assigned an advisor for later semesters, to consult about the progression of your academic program.

The GPDs are also available for further discussion of your progress in the program and your plans.