The Computer Science Department administrative offices are located in the Doyle Center, with the entrance at 1052 W Loyola Ave.

General Loyola visitor information is at See the link to the Lake Shore campus map, where Doyle Center is labeled 6 (may be labeled as preschool).

The main department phone number is (773) 508-8150.

While the current Graduate Program Director is often available by phone, you would do well to confirm a face to face meeting time by email at

Graduate School Offices

The main office of the Graduate School is on the fourth floor of the Granada Center on the Lake Shore Campus. This office handles admissions and financial awards, and houses the permanent files of all students throughout their graduate careers.

We strongly recommend that you contact the department faculty and staff first unless your matter absolutely requires direct Graduate School assistance. Going to Graduate School first is more likely to slow things down for you than speed them up.

Graduate School Personnel



Contact e-mail

Emily Barman, Ph.D.


Susan Grossman, Ph.D.

Associate Dean

Heather Sevener

Assistant Dean

The phone number for the Graduate School is (773) 508-3396.