Prospective Students

Overview of Loyola MS Programs’ Strengths

  • Committed faculty teaching small classes, commonly 15-25 students
  • Many project based classes with big concepts for all, which students get to develop in their own way in their individual projects, with active individual support from the instructor
  • Flexibility and breadth: About ½ of each program is electives which can vary from business-centric, data-centric, networking and security, software engineering, to core computer science. Many students come in not knowing exactly what they are most interested in. Students can sample different areas, choose to change the degree program in the middle, and still have all their courses count toward the final degree.
  • Enroll part-time or full-time, and back and forth, as you choose
  • Strong advising/support throughout: as students inquire about the program, apply, plan initial courses, and as experience evolves
  • Lots of data on and opportunities for internships and jobs: Internships can count in the academic program. High regard of our program in industry smooths job transition.
  • Strong encouragement toward independent study with individual professors in a wide variety of areas
  • Finish full-time in 16 months; less if you can get two courses of transfer credit
  • Opportunity for discipline changers to be accepted and take prerequisites with us on a compressed schedule
  • Options for a mix of face-to-face and online classes. Now the IT degree is available either campus-centric or entirely online.
  • International students with insufficient English can get conditional admission combining initial ESL with later MS study.
  • Starting in Fall 2019 you can build up to an MS by doing graduate certificates.

Look in the courses document for the details of the individual Masters Programs.

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No application deadline for plain admission: Applications are continuously evaluated and students will be promptly admitted to the nearest starting term or semester. Earlier admission means that you get to register online for classes earlier, and some classes may fill up. In particular, registration for fall starts in April, for spring in late October, and for summer in February. It is to your advantage to be admitted before those times for the earliest access to advising and registration.

While regular admission does not have a deadline, see New Student Assistantships, for application deadlines to be considered for such an award.

Prerequisites: Please note that you can apply and be accepted without having all the undergraduate prerequisites listed for degree programs. See the section of the course document on prerequisites.

Questions: If you have questions after reading the information below, contact the Graduate Program Director at You are encouraged to Visit.

Requirements for All Applicants

For admission to the graduate degree program in the Department of Computer Science, submit the items below that are not listed as optional. You may also submit further items if you feel they would help bolster your admissions case. If you are an international student please also note the Additional Requirements for International Applicants.

  1. Completed application form, preferably completed online with no fee or alternately downloaded and delivered on paper with a $50 fee.

    For navigating the application, note that the programs are in the School of Arts and Sciences, and all are offered by the Computer Science department, so the Information Technology and Software Engineering degree names are prefixed by “Computer Science:”

    This form is used for many programs in the graduate school, and not all graduate programs are available to students in all locations:


    The application requires you to fill in all the personal data before showing you all the programs that you can apply to and other parts of the form.

  2. Those who would like to get financial assistance see Teaching Assistantships or for non-departmental financial aid see.

  3. Submit official English transcripts of all undergraduate work and any post-baccalaureate work either

    • by official electronic submission between your institution and Loyola or
    • still in sealed envelopes sent from the academic institution. Do not open such envelopes yourself. If you do not have easy access to the sealed official documents, you can initially submit copies for a conditional admission.

    You can send a transcript in the semester before your graduation, showing all the courses you will be having for graduation, even though grades are still missing from the final courses, and still be eligible for conditional admission. Do not send transcripts too early to show a listing of all the courses you will end up taking for your degree. In all cases final officially-sent transcripts are required by the end of your first semster at Loyola.

  4. GRE scores are not required for admission. If you choose to submit them, Loyola’s institutional code is 1412; the department code is not needed. GRE scores, however, are expected if you are applying for a merit award ( Teaching Assistantships ), and if you are not already a Loyola student.

  5. One letter of recommendation is required, though three are recommended. These are usually from referees familiar with your academic work, however, if you have been out of school for a long time, then letters of recommendation from work supervisors will be acceptable.

  6. An informal Statement of Purpose document is highly recommended, though not required: something about where you are coming from and where you look to go. This extra information helps with initial advising for you, and occasionally the narrative will clear up some question about the application.

FAFSA for U.S. Students/Permanent Residents

Though not a requirement, U.S. citizens and permanent residents are strongly encouraged to fill out the online FAFSA form at This not only facilitates loans, but also can help getting on-campus jobs.

Additional Requirements for International Applicants

Do not forget the Requirements for All Applicants. Here are additional requirements and an option for international student admission to the graduate degree programs in the Department of Computer Science.

  1. Students with transcripts issued by International universities or colleges must be evaluated by an outside evaluator for GPA calculation and determining if the degree is equivalent to an American Bachelor’s degree (four-year degree or 3-year degree with an extra year of study after that): Applicants may send international transcripts for a general evaluation with Grade Average to ECE for international evaluation and allow 4-6 weeks for them to evaluate transcripts and get the results to Loyola. Educational-Perspectives can also be used as an alternative to ECE. No other transcript evaluation service is accepted by Loyola. If you are in a rush, you can pay extra for expedited service. If you do not yet have your undergraduate degree, it is important that you send transcripts to the evaluator when all your final courses are shown, though some without grades. This is usually in your final semester. The evaluators can only determine the equivalence to a US 4-year degree if they see all the relevant courses listed on the transcript (again, possibly some without grades yet). The conditional admission requires the university to receive another official transcript, showing degree completion, though this transcript can be sent to Loyola during your first semester here as a student.

    A suggested exception to getting the general transcript evaluation: If you have international graduate level coursework after 4 years of college level work, see Further International Transcript Credit Transfer Requirements.

    Those students living abroad and seriously considering Loyola can write to the Graduate Program Director at about waiving the transcript evaluation fee. Be sure the rest of your application is submitted when making this request, so it can be properly considered. Official notification of a passing English test score must be included at that time. Requesting that Loyola handle the evaluation will require extra time, since the transcript forms must be received first by Loyola and sent off again to Educational Perspectives.

  2. International students (with the exception of U.S. citizens or permanent residents) must have their English tested before any kind of admission. There are different routes depending on the results.

    The Loyola Graduate School accepts just three approaches to the English requirement, and a few explicit exceptions:

    • The usual way is to earn at least 79 on the Internet-based TOEFL test (or 550 on the old paper-based test), at least a 6.0 (overall band score) on the IELTS academic test, or at least a 53 on the Pearson English Language Test (PTE Academic). The new 3-score Internet-based TOEFL test requires at least Reading: 21, Listening: 21 and Writing: 23. The official results must come to Loyola directly from the testing agency. Loyola’s institutional code is 1412; a department code is not needed. In response to new difficulties where students are not able to take the TOEFL or IELTS test, we also accept the Duolingo online English proficiency tests with a score of at least 105.

      With lower scores, see the other options below.

      Having your university courses officially offered in English does not exempt you – though it should make passing the English exam easier.

      You can retake an English exam as many times as you need before admission to get up to a passing grade.

      If taking one of these tests, be sure to sign up for an early test date, since results usually take 2-3 weeks to be delivered officially to Loyola.

    • If you have a TOEFL in the range 70-78, or IELTS of 5.5, then you may be admitted conditionally to the new ICAP program:

      You will be required to take an English Placement Test administered by our English Language Learning Program (ELLP) to determine your placement in ESL preparation courses. The results of that exam will determine the required ESL courses you must take during your first term at Loyola. You will take ESL classes until your English language skills are strong enough for success in degree program courses. If you receive a final grade of at least a B+ in all of your advanced or bridge ESL courses, you will be invited to take an exit exam at the end of the term. A combination of your course-work and exit exam score will be used to determine your readiness for degree work in the following term. It is important to note that if testing indicates further language study is needed, you will be required to continue in the ELLP for another term. For more information about Loyola’s ELLP, please contact, or 773-508-3880.

      We offer ICAP admission to students who have demonstrated their academic abilities in the classroom, but may need additional English language preparation and support to succeed in the degree program at Loyola University Chicago. Students in this program are classified as full-time graduate students.

      You can choose to bring up your English score to the level of regular admission some other way and apply again later for regular admission. However the ICAP program gives you conditional admission, and allows you to be on campus for various Computer Science activities, like seminars, hackathons, ….

    • If you have not had an English test or the result is too low for ICAP, and you want to improve your English at Loyola, in preparation for possible graduate study, you can first apply to our full-time ESL program,, and do well enough in courses and a comprehensive exam. Only sufficient achievement in Loyola’s ESL program is a substitute for one of the standardized tests above. Enrollment in an ESL program at another school is not a substitute for the TOEFL or IELTS. With any other ESL program one of the standardized tests is still required.

      NOTE: Loyola’s ESL is a separate program from the Graduate School. If you were admitted directly to our ESL program, not to the Graduate School’s ICAP program, then appropriate certification from this ESL program merely satisfies the English requirement for Graduate School applicants. It does not imply the Graduate School Dean’s approval for your admission. All other parts of your application remain to be considered (but see the note below).

    • The English requirement is waived only for students who satisfy at least one of the following:

      • U.S. citizens and permanent residents.
      • Students with Bachelor’s or higher degree from accredited institutions in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia or New Zealand, who primarily attended their classes in those countries. Students are exempt who will complete one of these programs before matriculation at Loyola, even if they have further degrees from another country. Note: Graduating from a program offered in English from any other country does not exempt the student from the English requirement.

    Note: If you do not yet have the necessary test results for one of the above avenues, and your application is complete except for the English requirement, then the Graduate Program Director (GPD) is happy to look at your application and informally let you know if you should expect the GPD’s recommendation for admission, after obtaining a sufficient official English score for one of the routes above. Later, the Graduate School Dean’s approval is still needed for final admission.

  3. International applicants who will be on an F-1 visa (including those who are seeking financial aid from the department) are encouraged to submit proof (affidavit) of financial support to our International students office simultaneously with filing their application. The form should be linked on the page under something like the name, Declaration of Finances for Graduate & Professional Students. This will help save a lot of time in processing the visa papers, namely I-20 or IAP-66. Students who are chosen for the merit awards or scholarships will be notified regardless of their financial standing or ability to support themselves financially.

International students requiring an F-1 visa should consult the International Students and Scholars page for further information.

Though there is no admission deadline, be sure to leave time to get the necessary official English test results and transcript evaluations to Loyola before admission, and allow time after admission for obtaining a visa. If the process takes too long, you can request to roll your admission over to the next semester.

Program Costs

The Master’s program has a 10-course requirement (once undergraduate prerequisites are satisfied). The tuition fees for graduate students in the department is $1033 per credit hour for year 2019–2020. All of the graduate courses in our programs are 3 credit hours per term. Hence the fee per course through summer 2019 is $3099. The tuition fees for the entire Master’s program, which has a 10-course requirement, is $30990, plus any incremental increases in tuition for courses taken in later academic years. For more information on smaller semester fees please refer to the Bursar’s pages.

See also Teaching Assistantships and Non-Departmental Financial Awards.