Teaching Assistantships

Each year the Computer Science department offers a small number of graduate assistantships for new and continuing students. Assistantships are competitive and target students with exceptional interpersonal and computing background, regardless of which degree you are pursuing. For a full teaching-assistantship for a full academic year, there are duties for 18 hours per week in fall and spring semesters in computer labs, in support of faculty teaching or research projects, or in network or web support in the department. The most recent awards included $18,000 in stipend. Full-time tuition in fall and spring plus medical insurance are also included in a full award.

New merit awards are not given for summer semesters.

Research Assistantships in computer science may also be available from time to time depending upon the availability of faculty research grants. Other units of the university sometimes offer TA awards for computer science students. There is no separate application for seeking a research assistantship or TA awards in other units of the university. All applications are initially reviewed by the Graduate Program Director.

New Student Assistantships

New applicants to the Master’s programs in computer science should get an email from the GPD when admission is first recommended. This email should have a link near the end to a form to apply for a TA award. Be sure to note the application deadlines in the list below.

  • Have your application complete by the deadline date of February 15 for Fall admission or September 15 for Spring admission. Promptly fill out the form at the link provided by the GPD when acknowledging your admission recommendation. Make sure in your application that you had an email address that you check regularly, or update your current email address with the GPD (gpd@cs.luc.edu).
  • Have excellent undergraduate performance, including all MS prerequisites.
  • International students should have a strong TOEFL, IELTS or Loyola ESL score. Students with under a 105 TOEFL or 7.5 IELTS will generally not be considered at all, and higher scores are preferable.
  • Submit excellent letters of recommendation for graduate admission.
  • Submit official GRE scores.

For new students who receive an assistantship, it is customary for the department to make a commitment to the end of the academic year, with an understanding to continue for up to a total of three semesters if funds are available for the next academic year, and if the students maintain their academic and work standards.

The aim is to announce the awards before March 1 for Fall, and in October for Spring.

If you miss these deadlines you may apply in your first semester or later as a current student.

Current Student Requirements and Deadlines

Continuing students’ recent academic experience at Loyola is the most important consideration in giving a new award.

Continuing students will get an emailed reminder to their Loyola address several weeks before the deadline. The reminder will include the URL for an online form to fill out as your application. Note that the deadlines are earlier than for just admitted students:

Continuing students fill out the online form by March 15 for Fall awards, and by October 15 for Spring awards.

Students who have already been given an award for the upcoming semester should not fill out the form. Initial awards for current students are generally finalized after the awards to new students are completed.

Possible English Exam Given By Loyola

Awardees who did not grow up in the US may be required by the Graduate School to take an extra English test on campus, even if they have other English language certifications. The standards for TA’s are higher than the entrance requirements. Someone who did not score high enough on the Loyola test will be required to take ESL in the first semester after the exam, and pay the extra tuition - TA tuition awards may not be used. The cost has generally been about the same as one regular graduate academic credit. The need to actually take the ESL course has rarely happened with students we made a TA, but it is important to note it as a possibility.

Graduate School Policies

Further information about Graduate awards is at http://www.luc.edu/gradschool/FundingGrad.Education.shtml, including formal acceptance of awards, and details of stipend payment and tuition awards.

Non-Departmental Financial Awards

Only the merit awards discussed above are administered by the Computer Science Department. The GPD is not going to be of any help on other aid. Instead, general information about other financial aid is at http://www.luc.edu/finaid/. Domestic students should also remember FAFSA for U.S. Students/Permanent Residents.